Mara – a cross between a hare, a kangaroo, and a capybara (video)

The muzzle is from a capybara, the ears are from a kangaroo, and the hind legs are from a hare. Do you think this is someone’s fantasy? No. This animal is the Patagonian mara. Nature is amazing and perfect!

The Patagonian mara is found exclusively in South America. This strange animal belongs to the mumps family and the genus of rodents. Despite the fact that the mara is very similar to a hare with its hind legs, it has nothing in common with hares.

The maximum size of an adult reaches 80 centimeters in length and 18 kilograms in weight. In running, the mara can develop tremendous speed but moves from place to place very slowly. They push off with all their paws at the same time, “drawing” zigzags in space. Similar to the manner of a hare, but at the same time, all four paws of the mara are in the air during the jump


Maras are very shy and cautious animals. At the slightest danger, they take to their heels and try to hide. The maras live in pits or small burrows. They feed on grass, berries, foliage, bark, and the fruits of trees. Oddly enough, maras are very easily tamed and will be devoted to a person all their lives.

Mara couples form for life and live in families. When a predator is detected, the father of the family distracts himself, flickering back and forth in front of sinister gazes. The attackers usually switch to the defenders, and they lead them away from the nest with the female and cubs.

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