Mariska Hargitay Honors Mother Jayne Mansfield on Her 90th Birthday

🎉 Remembering Hollywood’s iconic bombshell, Jayne Mansfield, on what would have been her 90th birthday! 🎂

On what would have been her mother Jayne Mansfield’s 90th birthday, Mariska Hargitay shared a heartfelt tribute.

She posted a message on Instagram along with a photo of her mother, saying, “Mom, happy birthday. We love and miss you more each day.”

Mariska also shared a short video of her and her mother on her Instagram Story.

Jayne Mansfield, born Vera Jayne Palmer on April 19, 1933, was a famous actress known as a blonde bombshell in the 1950s and 1960s. She was often compared to Marilyn Monroe.

She starred in movies like The Girl Can’t Help It, Promises! Promises!, and The Sheriff of a Fractured Jaw, and was also a Playboy Playmate.

Sadly, Jayne Mansfield died in a car accident in 1967 at the age of 34. Mariska, who was three years old at the time, was in the car with her but was not hurt. Jayne, along with her friend and lawyer Sam Brody, and their driver Ronnie Harrison, died instantly.

Mariska has spoken about how growing up with this trauma taught her about the unpredictability of life. She has learned to cope with it and sees it as a valuable lesson.

“Experiencing trauma at a young age has taught me a lot,” she said. “It was tough, but it has helped me grow and learn to trust again.”

Happy heavenly birthday, Jayne!

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