Mark Wahlberg Loved His Dog Costar in ‘Arthur the King’ Movie: ‘I Even Tried to Buy Him!

Mark Wahlberg really likes his new movie’s dog!

The actor, 52, said to PEOPLE at a special event in California for his movie Arthur the King that he wanted to take home his dog costar Ukai. He fell in love with the dog while working together.

“I tried to buy the dog from the trainer,” Wahlberg said. “I offered her a lot of money. But she wouldn’t sell him. I just loved him so much.”

Wahlberg has four kids, and they also wanted him to bring the dog home. “But I understood why we couldn’t,” he said. “I had to try, though.”

He said working with Ukai was amazing and made many happy memories.

“We had a lot of great moments,” Wahlberg said. “My favorite was when we started the big race in the movie. That was exciting. Working with Ukai in those scenes was really powerful.”

Arthur the King is based on a true story about a man and his dog. In the movie, Wahlberg plays the man and Ukai plays his dog. They race together in an adventure race.

Wahlberg and Ukai recently appeared in a video together to encourage people to adopt pets from shelters. They want to help animals find loving homes.

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