Mark Wahlberg Proudly Celebrates Son Michael’s 18th Birthday with Heartfelt Messages

Mark Wahlberg celebrates a major milestone as his son Michael turns 18! 🎉 Read the touching tribute from the proud dad.

He shared an old picture of Michael as a baby and wrote a nice message for his birthday. Wahlberg said he can’t believe how quickly Michael has grown up and how proud he is of the person he’s become.

Mark and his wife Rhea have other kids too: Ella Rae, who is 20, Brendan Joseph, who is 15, and Grace Margaret, who is 14.

Rhea also wrote a sweet message for Michael’s birthday. She posted a bunch of photos of him at different ages and talked about memories like how he loved wearing hats when he was little and how they used to read about sharks together.

She said she feels blessed to have him as her son and called him kind, thoughtful, and beautiful inside and out.

Michael’s dad, Mark, commented on Rhea’s post, saying “Happy birthday Mikey!”

The family recently moved to Las Vegas, and Mark said they’re all doing well there. He thinks it’s a good place for his kids to pursue their interests.

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