Mark Wahlberg’s Decision to Avoid Surgery After Knee Injury on Arthur the King Set

Mark Wahlberg hurt his knee while making a movie called “Arthur the King.” He tore a part of his knee called the meniscus. It’s a common injury that causes pain and swelling.

Instead of having surgery, Wahlberg wants to try exercises to fix his knee. Surgery is not something he likes.

He hurt his knee while running on a hill. He jumped off a rock and landed badly.

Doctors wanted to do surgery, but Wahlberg wanted to keep filming. He didn’t want to stop the movie production.

Despite his injury, Wahlberg kept doing his stunts. One scene involved him zip-lining across a gap.

Wahlberg has four kids with his wife, Rhea Durham. He got to hang out with Mikael Lindnord, the person he plays in the movie.

Lindnord is a great athlete who supported Wahlberg during filming. He was happy that people wanted to see his story in the movie.

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