“Mark Wahlberg’s Family Finds Happiness in Nevada”: Shares Why Nevada is Perfect for His Kids, 2 Years After Leaving California

Mark Wahlberg and his family are really enjoying life in Nevada!

In a special interview, the star of Arthur the King shares that he, his wife Rhea Durham, and their four kids are very happy in Las Vegas after moving from California in 2022.

“It’s a place where my kids can be happy and do what they love,” the actor, who is 52 years old, says about their new home.

Wahlberg and Durham got married in August 2009 and have two daughters, Ella (20) and Grace (14), and two sons, Michael (17) and Brendan (15).

When Wahlberg first talked about moving from California in fall 2022, he said he wanted to build a studio and make Las Vegas like a new Hollywood.

“After this election for governor, I hope we can pass a law to get tax breaks for the state, build a great studio here, and turn this place into Hollywood 2.0,” he said on The Talk back then.

“I want to be able to work from home,” the actor added.

Wahlberg also said he had only worked on a couple of movies during his time in California.

“So, moving here makes more sense for us because we can give our kids a better life and support their dreams, whether it’s my daughter who loves horseback riding, my son who plays basketball, or my younger son who golfs,” he explained.

Wahlberg and Durham saw moving to Nevada as a chance to start fresh for their kids. “I’m really excited about what’s to come,” he said.

One year after moving, the actor said his family was doing well in their new home. “Everyone has adjusted well. The kids are all in school, and everyone’s happy,” he said.

The move hasn’t stopped Wahlberg from acting. After last year’s movie The Family Plan, Wahlberg stars in Arthur the King alongside a special four-legged friend.

In the movie, based on a book called Arthur: The Dog Who Crossed the Jungle to Find a Home, Wahlberg plays an athlete who meets a stray dog during a tough race in the Dominican Republic.

He and his teammates decide to take in the determined dog, who they name Arthur the King, and make him their mascot.

Wahlberg tells he and the dog became good friends while filming, even though he had to offer the dog some treats at first to win him over.

“He actually lived near me in the Dominican Republic. When his trainer let him out, I would call him over, and he would come running. By the time his trainer got to my house, he had already eaten a few steaks and pieces of chicken, and we became fast friends,” Wahlberg says about the dog.

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