Mean adults were calling the poor kitty too “terrifying” to look at so the little girl spoke up (video)

A little kitty was abandoned on Istanbul’s harsh streets. In a back alley in Istanbul, she struggled to survive but managed to get by rather well overall.

Even if other wanderers had the chance to profit from onlookers, this small cat received zero attention. She looked too awful to even consider leaving, was the argument.

The little kitten was born with a missing ear and an abnormally shaped face for no reason of her own. She suffered from malnutrition, parasite infestation, and skin conditions.

She was “excessively dreadful” to save, therefore no one intervened on her behalf. Yet simultaneously, a celestial messenger appeared at that place.

A young girl, just 7 years old, discovered a small cat dwelling between two trash cans. The teenager didn’t really care how much the kitten resembled her; all that mattered was that she knew she truly needed assistance.

The little cat was scooped up and taken home by the girl. The young girl pleaded with her father to save the cat. They headed to the vet’s office once he agreed.

The girl and her father believed Gulumser needed a nice life. She was given the name Gulumser, which means “she who usually smiles.”

He immediately arrived at the vet’s clinic with his gang. The little cat needed to be fed, given water and treated for parasites. He then informed the young woman of some wonderful news.

The greatest news they could have hoped for was when he said he could perfectly repair her face so she could breathe more clearly and eat more frequently.

After completing a few duties, the “ugliest” small cat was transformed into a lovely kitty in just a few months. We should all follow this example in order to avoid making unwarranted assumptions.

Whatever they may look like, ALL living things need love and happiness. We are grateful to the girl and her father for providing Gulumser with a loving, safe environment and for safeguarding her.

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