Meerkat was rescued from a petting zoo and now he is friends with a cat

A friendship between animals is very common, even if they belong to different species.

Today we will share the incredible friendship between a cat and a meerkat.

A cat and a meerkat live in St. Petersburg, who, despite their differences and personalities, love each other. The fact is that the meerkat was bought out of the petting zoo, where he would become another toy for children. The animal was born near Moscow in a petting zoo and would have been squeezed by a crowd of children, if not for journalists from Yekaterinburg. They decided to buy the animal for the editorial office and smuggled it to the Urals in the compartment of the train conductor.

Surya was taken in by one of the editorial staff named Ekaterina. At first, he behaved calmly, and then he discovered a wondrous world of destruction for himself – everything that the beast could reach was damaged. Cat Nice accepted such an active neighbor completely and unconditionally. Now he lives with his new friend and will not let anyone hurt him.

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