“Meet Kim Cattrall’s Boyfriend”Exploring the Story of Russell Thomas

Kim Cattrall and her boyfriend, Russell Thomas, have been together for almost seven years since they met in 2016.

Russell, who is not famous like Kim, likes to keep his personal life private. Kim has talked about their relationship, saying it takes hard work, not just luck. In a podcast in summer 2023, she explained that building a relationship is like good work.

When they first met in 2016, Russell was working at the BBC as an audio engineer. Kim mentioned in a 2020 interview that they liked each other, kept in touch, and eventually started dating.

Russell is British, like Kim. They both have an English background, which makes them feel more connected. They even have a British morning ritual of having tea together.

The pandemic brought them closer, and now they have a deep connection. Russell is 14 years younger than Kim, but she doesn’t see a problem with the age gap. Unlike Kim, Russell is not a famous actor, and their lives were very different before they got together.

Kim doesn’t talk much about their relationship, but when she does, it’s always positive. They celebrated their anniversary in April 2022, and in a 2020 interview, Kim mentioned that they love each other and have a strong connection. Kim was married three times before meeting Russell, and she says he was worth the wait. She feels comfortable around him, appreciates his sense of humor, and finds him easy on the eyes.

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