Meet the prodigious 13-year-old, Oxford’s youngest student in history

Knox Daniel’s son saw that he was different from other children when he was only 10 months old. Legit claims that even at this young age, he can memorize letters on a computer keyboard.

As a result, the kid prodigy became Oxford University’s youngest student at the age of six.

In 2017, Joshua Beckford, 13, was recognized as one of the top 30 people in the world with autism (Kanner’s syndrome).

According to the father, the baby’s learning began extremely early, with the study of letters on the piano, and then he began studying a variety of colors.

The toddler could read and speak Japanese well by the age of three, thanks to audio recordings. Before he could write on paper, he had to learn to type on a computer.

The father talks about how difficult it is to nurture and educate a child with autism. His son was homeschooled because he was too advanced for public education.

Furthermore, Beckford prefers to talk with teenagers or adults rather than children his own age.

Daniel, the boy’s father, realized that Oxford taught clever children ages eight to thirteen. Despite being just six years old, the boy got admitted and became the university’s youngest student.

Not only does the young scientist have strong academic credentials, but he also excels in environmental sciences and humanities: he is fascinated by Egypt and has authored a children’s book on the country’s ancient civilization.

Beckford spoke at the global TEDx conference in Vienna, delivering a poem titled “Saving Mother Earth” in support of environmental preservation. He received a national award for his efforts.

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