Meikher lit up appetizing forms in a translucent outfit

Nadezhda Meikher, a famous Ukrainian singer and actress, posted a photo on the Instagram account of her own clothing brand.

In the photo, Nadezhda is standing with her hands on her figure and arching beautifully. She is dressed in a black skirt and a top, on which there is also a colored transparent sleeveless blouse. She has dark sandals on her feet and several bracelets and rings on her hands.

The outfit strongly emphasizes the chic figure of a woman, which, of course, was noted by her fans. Beneath the photo were prices for twenty-percent discount Meicher designer items a T-shirt and a skirt.

Many fans of the artist love the clothes of her brand and order them, take pictures in them, and comment. It is worth noting that a woman does not often appear in this account as a model, so any post with her participation is vigorously discussed by Internet users.

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