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One picture taken in the city of Manila in the Philippines quickly spread all over the Internet. The photograph was of a young boy sleeping on the sidewalk next to a dog.

People who viewed this photo were surprised that those passing by the sleeping boy did not even pay any attention to him, although there was a rather crowded public place nearby – the station.

Many people began to demand help for the boy. Subsequently, it turned out that the boy’s name was Nicholas Cristobal and he was only 13 years old. He is an orphan. His parents died of a terrible disease – tuberculosis, in connection with which he lives on the street. The dog remained his only companion and faithful friend.

Local residents are already used to the homeless boy, so they do not pay any attention to him.

The man who took the picture said the boy walks the streets daily and begs to feed himself and his dog.

Whether assistance was provided to Nicholas by the government of the country is currently not known.

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