Michael Bublé Honors Prince Harry and Celebrates Invictus Games in Vancouver Performance

During a recent event celebrating the Invictus Games in Vancouver, Canada, Michael Bublé, a Grammy-winning singer, performed a special version of Frank Sinatra’s song “My Way.” He changed some of the lyrics to praise Prince Harry for his vision and to wish healing to King Charles, who recently got diagnosed with cancer.

Bublé sang this version of the song at a dinner event held at the Vancouver Convention Center, marking one year until the next Invictus Games. He mentioned that he was glad to show Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Harry’s wife, how beautiful Canada is.

In his song, Bublé sang about Prince Harry’s efforts with the Invictus Games and sent good wishes to King Charles. He mentioned how Prince Harry has made a positive impact as a visionary. Bublé has performed “My Way” before, both live and in the studio, collaborating with other artists like Andrea Bocelli and Paul Anka.

In 2022, Bublé spoke to PEOPLE magazine about his love for performing and his respect for classic songs, like those by Frank Sinatra. He sees himself as a guardian of these songs and feels honored to introduce them to new generations.

After his performance, Bublé joined Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at a community center for wheelchair curling. Prince Harry expressed his gratitude to everyone involved in organizing the Invictus Games and emphasized the importance of resilience and the spirit of the games.

He mentioned how much fun they’ve had over the past decade and expressed excitement for the upcoming games in Whistler and Vancouver. Prince Harry sees the Invictus Games as more than just a competition; they’re a celebration of the human spirit and a way of life for many.

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