Millions Touched by Father-Daughter Duo’s ‘Before and After’ School Journey: First Day to Last Day

A girl from Texas, who’s 18 years old, shared a really sweet picture on the internet. In the photo, her dad is taking her to school on the last day.

She also posted another picture where her dad took her to school on her very first day. These cute pictures got millions of likes and hearts from people.

She went to school on the last day and remembered how 13 years ago her dad walked her to school for the first time. She found an old picture of that day.

The same thing happened again 13 years later. The dad was really happy to see the old picture, and he was glad that they recreated the moment after all these years.

The dad said, “It was a very touching moment.” The girl said, “I love my parents a lot because they always helped me and were there for me.” Everyone loves this cute picture.

Tens of thousands of internet users liked this picture. People especially liked the girl’s dad.

“He hasn’t changed at all. Just as young as 13 years ago,” wrote one person. “Looks like he even got younger,” wrote another person.

The girl mentioned that in a few months, she was going to college, and it wasn’t known if her dad would go with her on the first day again.

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