Milo Ventimiglia Thankful for Wife Jarah Mariano, Who Inspires Him Unlike Anyone Else

Milo Ventimiglia is really happy being married to his wife, Jarah Mariano!

He recently talked about how things are going in their marriage, saying he’s “happy.” He mentioned that they’ve had other relationships before but meeting Jarah has been different and inspiring.

He expressed gratitude for her and said he’s enjoying being married.

They got married quietly earlier this year with just close family and friends. They started dating in 2022 but kept their relationship private.

When Milo mentioned his marriage on Jimmy Kimmel Live, he joked that maybe some people were disappointed because they were hoping to date him.

Jarah Mariano is a model who has worked for many big brands. She’s also appeared in some TV shows and movies.

Milo is currently acting in a movie called Land of Bad with Liam Hemsworth and Russell Crowe. He enjoys playing different roles as an actor.

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