“Miracle dog” with special needs, who got lost one year ago, finally reunited with his human mother and can’t be happier

A five-year-old puppy named Rufus just met up with his folks. Without being able to visit his family, he had been wandering the streets of Santa Fe for about a year.

The dog, who is totally deaf, escaped from his house in September of last year. After that, the entire town began a never-ending hunt for him.

Of course, many people feared they would not locate him and that he had been injured. The dog vanished after they had been residing in the region for a month.

To everyone’s astonishment, Rufus was eventually spotted and his owner kindly supplied a photo of him.

He was being sought after by a team that specializes in rehoming lost dogs.

They labored nonstop for over a year to return Rufus to his family. The truth is that Marisa Martinez received the cute puppy following the passing of her daughter, who was nine years old when she passed away from cancer.

Undoubtedly, it was a devastating blow for the entire family. Rufus then entered their life. He looked to exude tranquility, which was a quality he was excellent at.

Rufus, a dog with exceptional needs, and his human mother, a special education teacher, made the ideal couple. They got along fine, and she even showed him how to use sign language to communicate.

As a result, the family’s inability to handle the dog’s loss led them to spend months looking for him while never giving up. It was a true miracle when Rufus reappeared.

Everyone was moved by the family’s eventual reunion with their cherished dog. Rufus’ attitude suddenly changed as his mother approached him.

He quickly began rolling on the ground after smelling Martinez’s extended hand. He gave his mother many kisses as he cuddled up in her arms. What a heartwarming story.

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