Miraculous healing of a one-eyed dog because of abuse

Sweetie, you are a beautiful baby loved by many.

Some [cr.uel] persons exist on this planet. To harm a dog, cat, or any other animal in this way, takes a lowlife whore. Millions of animal lovers worldwide were incensed by a recent report of a dog that was so [mi.stre.ated] that he only had one eye.

Bubbles the bull terrier was the animal. She was abused to the point of losing an eye and a portion of her jaw by her cruelly elderly owner. She was just six months old when the previous owner began to abuse her cruelly. For a very long time, Bubbles was [br.utally be.aten]. She was only discovered and saved by a Houston, Texas dog shelter after experiencing the worst tragedy of her life—being [sh.o.t].

Bubbles arrived at the shelter in considerable physical and mental pain. Nobody can fathom the heartless and despicable things someone did to this little puppy. Unfortunately, after being inspected, the injury resulted in her losing her right eye, a portion of her jaw, and a damaged ear. She will take a very long time to heal.

Bubbles’ physical and mental pain was progressively alleviated because of the kindness of strangers. Bubbles’ health was made possible by the selfless concern and labor of volunteers like Ike and Kilyn Blanchard. She regains her enthusiasm and is delighted to play with her new pals.

Ike and Kilyn first wanted to save the dog out of sympathy for what she had to go through. Bubbles, however, overcame them with her will to live, preventing the couple from deciding to adopt her. Bubbles is currently in perfect health and content with her life.

Children in particular need to be educated about animal compassion in the community. Let’s show our affection to the unfortunate animals so that we might heal their wounds and offer them a joyful new existence.

Such a darling! Thank you for the person who is looking after her. Anyone who abuses animals is unworthy of having pets or affection. God will take care of them.

So glad you have found a happy home. God bless this beautiful doggy.

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