Model Irina Shayk Balances Career and Motherhood Amid Personal Challenges

Irina is a successful model who also takes care of her 6-year-old daughter. She enjoys spending a lot of free time with her child and often goes for walks outdoors together.

She was once in a relationship with Bradley Cooper, and they have a daughter. They were recently photographed by street photographers during one of their walks. Irina looked casual and stylish in a brown leather jacket and light jeans. She had sunglasses on her face.

Her daughter was dressed in a cute beige jacket with smiley faces and had her hair down. Irina was shopping with her daughter, carrying bags with their purchases. She didn’t like the attention from the paparazzi this time and tried to quickly take her daughter away.

Fans are discussing Irina’s recent appearance, some noting that she looks great but seems a bit sad, and others mentioning missing Bradley Cooper.

Irina recently went through a personal drama as she broke up with a sportsman named Tom Brady after a five-month romance. According to insiders, their relationship had run its course.

Irina is also not happy with the changes in her daughter’s father’s personal life. She doesn’t like that Bradley Cooper is now dating a younger model named Gigi Hadid. Because of this, Irina is being more careful in her own style choices, trying to prove that she’s still attractive.

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