Mom of four lost more than 50 kg! The woman has changed and is simply recognizable!

Chelsea Dixon, an Australian woman, was 130 kilos when she was 32 years old. She decided not to step on the scale and not to gaze in the mirror in an effort to reduce weight.

Chelsea acknowledges that she has always been obese. She weighed 100 kilos at the age of 20. After four pregnancies, the condition deteriorated. She added 30 more kg.

Looking at the photo was the first decisive moment since it let her understand how terrible her situation was when she viewed herself from the side. After some time, she made the decision to stand on the scales, at which point she was convinced that something needed to be addressed immediately. The woman started losing weight by increasing the number of fruits and plant-based meals she ate.

She gradually cut down on fatty meals and even switched to an air fryer from her typical deep fryer because it requires a lot less oil to cook.

She also started to hydrate herself more. Chelsea started playing sports and changed her diet. She began by walking for 10 to 15 minutes many times a week, but she can now run 10 kilometers with ease!

Chelsea Dixon achieved a weight loss of 61 kg, and as a result, she now wears clothing that is up to 7 sizes smaller. The woman is overjoyed with this outcome. She not only dropped weight but also self-doubt.

It was very important to her that her spouse always stood by her. He trained beside her as well so she wouldn’t feel alone. Chelsea is now full of power and vitality, and she really loves her body and feels like the finest version of herself. Last but not least, she is content and healthy.

She highly urges everyone who finds themselves in a similar situation to start with simple but really serious and vital measures that eventually result in significant improvements. The most important thing is to gather yourself and not be frightened of failing.

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