“Mom, you are the funniest wild one!”: Demi Moore’s daughter published candid photos of the star mother

A few days ago, famous actress Demi Moore celebrated her 58th birthday. She is the mother of three wonderful daughters from B. Willis. I quite often compare the eldest with the actress herself, which is very flattering for 32-year-old R. Willis.

The girl is very proud that 25 years ago she had to star in the same film with her mother – “Striptease”.

Bright Demi was in character, and her daughter ran to hug her beloved mother. It was this picture that Rumer decided to share when congratulating the closest person in her life. The girl said that her mother is a real jerk and the funniest woman she knows.

The youngest daughter D. Moore also joined the congratulations. Talulah said that her mother is her ideal of beauty. She, like her sister, incredibly loves the explosive nature of her mother, so for congratulations, she chose an equally funny photo.

In the picture, we can see how young Demi is grimacing with buttercream on her face. She shows her tongue right in some restaurant. As it turned out, the picture was taken when Moore celebrated her other birthday.

Celebrity fans were delighted with the shots they saw. Many noted that despite the years, the actress remains the same provocative and attractive. In addition, as we can see, Demi is a wonderful mother, because her daughters consider her their best friend.

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