Momma fox comes back for her babies, that were found hiding under a porch (video)

Thanks to a group of animal removal personnel, the miraculous seven fox pups are now back with their mother. The incredible crew is employed by Gates Wildlife Control. They’re Canadian.

Their major goal is to transport the animals as gently as they can. The well-being of the animals is always more important to them than any potential expense.

They took their time before getting to the foxes. They had to take out most of the boards since most of the kids were hiding. The ones who were hiding were eventually discovered after a protracted period of laborious searching.

Even though their task was completed, they still had to take care of the mother since she would undoubtedly get concerned if she did not discover the puppies where she had left them.

The group decided to hide them all in a box for the vixen to discover. They put the box towards the rear of the home since they knew exactly where the mother would arrive.

They were confident she would discover them quickly, and she didn’t. When she was finally able to extract them all, they all proceeded to their lair together.

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