Mommy Linx ran out to bring back her baby who continuously tried to run away

The kind woman hugged them, thanks to which they felt very calm.

Given that a woman was taking care of the wild lynx and her babies, they were in relatively secure hands.

They felt fantastic. The lady’s daughter also enjoyed the babies, and occasionally the two of them played together.

The girl’s bed sometimes featured attempts to sleep by two cheeky newborn lynxes.

After some time, the woman was seated close to the mother lynx and her young in the wooden home.

The Lynx parents were positively not concerned by her presence at all. She took wonderful care of her infants.

The two large cats initially started to enjoy the lovely weather with their kittens in tow, and then they settled down on the ground and started to nap.

As soon as one of the kittens made the decision to play with the mother and the other ventured outside into the garden, the frightened mother started to pursue the youngster.

She then took hold of his jaws and dragged the mischievous child inside. However, the infant had no intention of remaining and left once more.

Lynx decided to put the little creature on the top deck so that it could not escape the area and took him inside once more.

It was difficult to flee after that. The woman’s leg was then gently warmed by them.

They felt really peaceful as a result of the sweet woman’s hugging and caressing them.

Even one of the kittens quickly relaxed and slept off in the woman’s arms.

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