Monica Bellucci in a sensual way delighted the Network with a new photoshoot

Monica Bellucci is active on her Instagram, so recently she posted a graceful and spicy photo on it.

In the photo, the actress, beautifully tucked under her legs and slightly arched, sits in a brown leather chair. She wore a very beautiful dress with a beautiful neckline, as well as some rings that make the look not so simple.


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Публикация от Monica Bellucci (@monicabellucciofficiel)

Makeup on her face in shades of brown with a bright accent on the eyes added to the image of spectacularity, but at the same time it turned out to be not so bright. The hairstyle looks casual, but it is collected, which shows the almost everyday nature of this image.

Subscribers of the famous actress appreciated this photo and wrote about the beautiful figure and the chic image. Also, everyone noted that Monica in her age looks charming, expensive, and very young.

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