Monica Bellucci was seen on camera unfiltered, her hands showing signs of aging

Italian actress Bellucci is shown here untouched and in her natural state. 

Bellucci turns 58 in September, but it is utterly impossible to accept that he really is that old because women continue to be the epitome of elegance and fashion. She chooses to age naturally rather than have surgery or cosmetic operations, in contrast to the majority of her coworkers and other famous people. 

Recently, the diva arrived at the event looking absolutely stunning with dark smoky eyes, wavy hair, and a blush on her cheeks. She will, of course, turn 60 soon, and certain age-related changes have already surfaced.

The actress acknowledges that she is well aware that she does not appear as youthful and attractive as she once did. But the diva says it’s important to look after oneself. 

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