“More beautiful both in face and figure”: How Marilyn Monroe’s understudy looked, and why she did not become famous

Each star actress had her understudies. Marilyn Monroe is no exception. Interestingly, her “replacement” was even more attractive than the beauty herself.

She replaced the actress in those episodes that the artist herself did not agree to.

Left – Marilyn Monroe, right – Greta Thiessen.

Understudy Marilyn was born in Denmark. Her name was Greta Thiessen. With Marilyn, she was practically the same age. In Denmark, she often participated in beauty pageants. Having achieved success in her homeland, she decided to conquer the United States.

At that moment, Marilyn Monroe was a real idol for Greta. Not surprisingly, she copied the behavior and carefully imitated the style of the actress. However, they did not see a world-class star in Greta, they only offered her to become an understudy for the actress.

Left – Marilyn Monroe, right – understudy Greta Thiessen.

Greta has replaced the artist in many films. The beauty of the face and shape of the Thiessen figure was many times superior to Marilyn. She had a classic appearance, which everyone always admired. Marilyn also had a lot of non-standard and childish things. Probably Monroe’s success was precisely in her originality.

But to become a real star, one appearance is not enough. You need to have talent and real charisma.

After starting as a stunt double for Marilyn Monroe, Greta played in several more film projects. Her roles were episodic. Soon her film career ended.

Little is known about Greta’s personal life. She was married three times and had a daughter in her last marriage. Greta lived to be ninety years old.

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