Mother sloth is overjoyed to see her missing baby again (video)

Many animals living in the affected areas of Bolivia have been forced to relocate due to the recent wildfires. Among the escaped animals was a sloth mother, who was frightened by dogs on the way and dropped her cub. Little Sloth got lost. 

Earlier this month, Marco Greminger, a veterinarian, received a call about a baby sloth found alone near Trinidad.

 Greminger was able to locate the baby’s possible mother. She hid in a tree, hoping for a miracle that her baby would be discovered. The veterinarian and two animal rescuers placed the cub near his mother’s hiding place in a tree…

Watch what happened next: 


“Mothers are mothers whether they are animals or humans. The loss of a child is great grief in the heart of any mother,” Greminger later wrote. 

Following a touching reunion, mother and child were taken to the clinic for evaluation and recovery.


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