My grandpa once brought his dog to be killed because he couldn’t afford it

When the veterinarian saw a man sobbing and a dog in pain, he took the only logical conclusion…

They claim that money can not buy happiness, but money may sometimes determine our fate. When the physicians billed him for his four-legged friend’s life, the old guy had little money to spare.

The veterinary clinic was silent. The doctor turned his gaze to the couple: the mongrel on the table and the elderly guy, who stooped his head over her and absentmindedly rubbed the pet behind the ear. All that could be heard were a dog’s heavy breathing and human sobbing.

The old guy grieved because he did not want to let go of his companion. Andrei Alexandrovich, a young veterinarian, frequently experienced comparable symptoms of human emotions before putting animals to sleep. This is typical since it takes time for folks to warm up to our little brothers. However, the expert thought that this was a one-of-a-kind situation.

Now the man remembered seeing this pair at the entrance of his office for the first time. It was three days ago. Naida, a peaceful elderly man’s 9-year-old dog, accompanied him to an emergency appointment. The animal had not risen to its feet in two days, which bothered the old guest much. Apart from Naida, the man stated, that he has no one.

Andrei Alexandrovich carried out a check. The dog did, in fact, have a terrible infection. She required immediate and costly care. Otherwise, the animal would have died in agony. “Therefore,” the doctor added dryly, “if you are not going to cure the dog, euthanizing it would be more compassionate.” Andrei Alexandrovich may easily picture how the man felt back then, but on that day, the young expert was ignorant.

Following the doctor’s advice, the old guy dumped down a little of crumpled bills on the table as payment for services. He carefully gathered his dog and walked away.

And he was back on the veterinarian’s office’s doorstep today. “I’m sorry, doctor, but the only money I could find was for euthanasia,” the elderly customer replied, looking down.

And now, as the old guy requested for extra 5 minutes to say farewell to his lover, Andrei Alexandrovich gazed at this pair, puzzled as to where such unfairness in the world could have come from. People with millions of dollars frequently abuse all living creatures viciously, and here is a poor elderly guy with a dying mongrel. And so many emotions.

In the young doctor’s throat, a lump formed. He approached the elderly guy and placed his hand on his shoulder. “I will treat you,” he replied, his voice breaking, “at my own expense, I will cure your Naida.” She is not yet an elderly lady. “It’s still running.” The veterinarian merely felt the elderly man’s shoulders shudder in silent weeping under his touch.

Naida was already standing tall a week later. Droppers and expert care are performed admirably. The young doctor was overjoyed. He may have done a tiny favor for an elderly guy and a stray dog, but it was a big and nice gesture.

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