Nancy Meyers Looks Back on the ‘Best Phone Call Ever’ from Jack Nicholson as Something’s Gotta Give Celebrates 20 Years

Nancy Meyers, who’s 73 years old, is talking about her memories of making Something’s Gotta Give, which is turning 20 soon. She shared her experiences on the Hollywood Gold podcast with host Daniela Taplin Lundberg.

Nancy faced some challenges before making the movie. She pitched the idea to male executives, but they didn’t seem interested in a story about two older people falling in love. Finally, Amy Pascal from Sony Pictures gave her the green light, and things started moving.

Before that, Nancy didn’t give the script to Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson because she wanted to make sure the studio was on board. Once Sony said yes, she sent the script to them. Jack Nicholson, who was shooting another movie, took some time to read it, but he liked it a lot.

When Nancy got a call from him, it was a big moment for her. He was charming and said great things about the script. He even mentioned wanting to be in a “tuxedo comedy,” even though nobody in the movie wears a tuxedo.

The movie, released on Dec. 12, 2003, is a romantic comedy with Diane Keaton as Erica Barry and Jack Nicholson as Harry Sanborn. They initially clash but end up forming a romantic bond. Diane Keaton’s performance got her an Oscar nomination.

There’s a funny story about a scene where Jack Nicholson thought Diane Keaton really loved him. It turns out, he got confused and thought she meant it outside of the script. It’s a funny behind-the-scenes moment from the movie.

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