New Heartwarming Family Photos Shared by Richard Gere’s Wife

She had to call an ambulance, but fortunately, nothing serious happened. 😢👀

Almost everyone knows the actor Richard Gere from “Pretty Woman.” Recently, his wife Alejandra shared a Christmas photo on her social media. Gere is 34 years older than his wife.

According to her, Gere didn’t feel well during their vacation, and it seemed like he had health issues. She had to call for an ambulance, but luckily, everything turned out fine.

Initially, when they got married, many people didn’t like their relationship because Gere is much older than his wife. However, over time, they realized that his wife is very kind, and their opinion changed. All the fans wish him a speedy recovery.

Of course, there are people who dislike them, but that’s to be expected. Haters will always exist, but it’s good that the couple doesn’t pay them much attention.

What are your thoughts about them? Do you think they make a lovely couple?

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