“Nicole Eggert’s Cancer Journey”: Shaving Her Head and Spreading Awareness

Nicole Eggert, who is 52 years old, shared an update about her battle with cancer. She revealed her breast cancer diagnosis to PEOPLE magazine in January. Recently, she posted a video on Instagram of herself shaving her head during her treatment.

In the video, Nicole smiled at the camera before starting to shave her hair. Her daughter, Keegan, who is 12 years old, also helped her shave. Nicole looked happy as she finished shaving and stroked her head. She shared photos of herself and her daughter hugging and smiling.

She captioned the post with a quote from Madeleine Eames about healing and being true to oneself.

Some celebrities like Jennie Garth and Alyssa Milano sent Nicole messages of support in the comments.

Nicole had already cut her hair shorter in February and shared a video of it. She said it’s important to stay brave in the face of fear.


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In January, Nicole told PEOPLE about her stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis. She mentioned her financial struggles as a single mom and her plans to start a nonprofit to help other single parents facing similar challenges.

She emphasized the importance of self-awareness for women regarding their breast health. It’s recommended for women to start breast self-examinations early and to consider annual mammograms starting at age 40 or 45.

Nicole’s story highlights the challenges of facing cancer and the importance of support and early detection.

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