“Non-standard solution”: the bride’s choice of a black dress surprised and delighted the guests of the wedding celebration

It just so happened that the bride marries in a white dress. This is because white is a symbol of innocence and purity. It symbolizes the immaculate beginning of the joint life of the spouses.

Many couples of newlyweds try to adhere to this rule.

However, an Australian named Sophie Kashiya decided to destroy all traditions. To the surprise of relatives and friends, she chose a black dress for the wedding ceremony.

Moreover, not only the main culprit was in a black outfit. Dresses of the same color were chosen by her girlfriends.

The designer who sewed such an unusual wedding dress did not stint on decorations. The outfit is all embroidered with pearls, decorated with lace, and mesh.

The bride explained her choice simply: she really liked the model of the dress.

The outfit tightly fits the ideal figure of a young girl. The rather deep neckline also catches the eye. The back of the dress ends with a beautiful train. The black wedding dress showed all the charms of the figure of a young bride.

Sophie said that after seeing such an unusual dress, she could no longer think of any other outfit. She was not embarrassed by the black color of the dress. Indeed, thanks to its beautiful style, it does not look mournful at all. She was supported by her friends, who decided to dress to match the bride.

The groom, having learned about what his beloved girl will look like on their wedding day, decided to surprise the guests as well. He bought himself a velvet jacket and leather pants. Therefore, his outfit looked unusual. Just like his wife’s outfit.

As they say, young people found each other. Although, to tell the truth, what difference does it make what they decide to wear? The main thing is that their marriage is strong and durable.

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