Noticing the cat in his bed the dog got really confused and decided to fight to the end

This dog sensed something was off one day as he went into the living room to nap on his cozy bed.

He noticed the cat cautiously observing him from the bed as he ran there.

When the dog noticed him, she became plainly alarmed and started to pace erratically about the bed.

The kitten didn’t even attempt to move, indicating that it was clearly very at ease.

The dog’s attitude, though, made it plain that he was also not going to give up.

He kept moving erratically and barking. He then made an attempt to solicit assistance from his father, who was at that point documenting the incident.

They don’t give it to him, so he decides to take matters into his own hands by being a little more hostile toward the cat.

He moved half of the bed over and placed his head under it as if attempting to at least get rid of the cat in that way.

The kitten just meowed a bit, so that didn’t help either.

The poor dog then appeared to have given up after attempting to move the bed with his jaws but failing once more.

He then took a seat next to the bed to brainstorm a fresh strategy. Now consider this:

“Perhaps the cat will agree to share?” He decided to give it a try, and it turned out that the cat had no problems with it.

He eventually finds himself partially on the bed, then on the side of the bed, where the cat realized that the dog was a softer “bed” and began to clamber onto it.

They both appear to be content and joyful right now.

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