“Obviously she forgot to wear something”: Nicki Minaj’s spicy photoshoot made a huge impression on her fans

This time, Nicki Minaj’s revealing outfit stunned the audience on the spot, apparently, this was the message of such an image.

The performer put on an incredibly short dress, which covered little, since its side parts consisted of thin laces, moreover, nothing else was observed under it.

Such an outfit more than expressively emphasized the magnificent forms of the artist. Of the accessories this time, the rap artist chose a bright pink handbag, decorated with stones and a watch of the same tone. Part of her orange hair was carefully pulled back into a bun and fixed with chopsticks.

But that’s not all, the singer was decorated with bracelets and chains, eye-catching makeup, and a spectacular manicure on long nails to match the color of a handbag and watch.

Not so long ago, the performer appeared in a different dress, just as short, but in pastel colors. The star sat down to emphasize its prominent “fifth point” even more profitably. This time, her legs were adorned with bright yellow sandals with laces and large mirrored glasses.

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