Odd One Out: My Sister Got Evil Eye Charms But One Of It Is Defective. Can You Find the Odd Pendant in 9 Seconds?

It’s your responsibility to use your talent and judgment to identify the flaw in the evil eye charm my sister received.

The evil eye has an almost 5,000-year history. In the sixth century BC, it originally appeared on Chalcididian drinking cups known as “eye-cups” as a type of apotropaic magic. It serves as a defense against bad energy. But to spot the peculiar evil eye charm in the image, you’ll need hawk eyes.

Use all of your common sense and cognitive abilities to complete the challenge in relation to the following image. Despite the difficulty, you may really benefit from your talent and skills.

What is an Odd One Out Puzzle?

The odd-one-out paradox, also known as Knock Out in America, is essential to logical thinking. It measures a person’s aptitude for observation and broad comprehension. It needs imagination, reason, and a distinct point of view to think creatively. If you are stuck, utilize this weird sunglass puzzle test that has been already solved for suggestions.

About this Odd One Out Puzzle Picture. 

The glittering eye collection comes from Brightside, which also acknowledges Depositphotos.In this image, there are a total of 36 evil eye charms arranged in six columns and six rows, one of which stands out from the others. Create parts in the image. To collect all the hints, carefully proceed through every row and column. Focus on strange details like colors, forms, categories, and everything else that occurs to you in order to spot the odd one.

Keep in mind that you have just nine seconds to complete this mental exercise. 

Look for the brain teaser answer here:

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