Odd One Out Puzzle: Only A High IQ Person Can Spot The Odd Korean Character Within 13 Seconds

Take this challenge to test your skills and abilities in 13 seconds.

These days, Korean dramas are quite well-liked. One such persona is the inspiration for the artwork below. And it’s up to you to use your extraordinary talents and abilities to locate the strange image of the girl. Dopamine, a hormone that controls mood, memory, and focus, will be produced more readily as a result of this mental workout. With each puzzle-solving achievement, dopamine is produced.

Can You Find The Odd Korean Guy Image?

In America, the odd-one-out puzzle is known as Knock Out. It gauges a person’s capacity for observation and general intelligence. And one needs to be imaginative, rational, and have a clear point of view in order to reach a decision.

About this Odd One Out Puzzle Picture.

Brightside should be given credit for the image. The picture displays 40 photographs altogether, organized into 8 columns and 5 rows. Your job is to identify the oddball among them. To avoid missing any hints, go over each row and column.

Instead of trying to find a big cause, concentrate on small things like colors, forms, classifications, patterns, and anything else that comes to mind.

Remember you just have 13 seconds to conclude this mental exercise. 

Look for the brain teaser answer here:

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