Officer’s Quick Response Saves Baby’s Life at School Drop-Off – Exclusive Footage

A policeman at a school in Fort Myers, Florida, helped a mom when her baby was in trouble. In September 2022, a mom was dropping off her kid at Three Oaks Elementary School. She noticed her baby, Cheyanne, wasn’t breathing in the car. Luckily, Deputy Williams Weaver, the school’s officer at the time, was nearby and helped.

“It was a normal day. I saw a mom in trouble, so I ran to her,” Deputy Weaver said. “She was scared, holding her baby who wasn’t breathing and turning blue.”

@leecountysheriffsofficeeLCSO is so happy that thanks to Deputy Weaver the baby is okay.

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Deputy Weaver quickly acted and saved the baby by clearing mucus from her throat. The mom was relieved and grateful when she got her baby back safe and sound.

Deputy Weaver said he knew what to do because of his training and experience in the Air Force. The sheriff’s office shared the video of his heroic act on TikTok, where many praised him for his quick thinking.

“I’m glad I could help, but there are many stories like mine that don’t get attention,” Deputy Weaver said. He also emphasized the importance of police presence in schools for safety.

He still sees the mom and her baby at the school and occasionally gets to hold Cheyanne.

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