“Oh, God!”: 62-year-old Madonna boasted a new image in a stylish outfit

This year, Madonna will celebrate her 63rd birthday, but the artist’s youth is clearly being delayed. She continues to spoil her fans with bright pictures on her Instagram account.

Only here the ill-wishers still continue to scold the performer for too bold antics. So, a few days ago, Madonna shared a new picture, which was vigorously discussed by her followers.

The singer appeared in the frame in a dress from Louis Vuitton. In addition to him, she complimented the image with fishnet tights, oversized boots, and sunglasses.

Only now, Internet users did not particularly accept such a picture of a star. In their opinion, women at this age should behave much more modestly.

However, loyal fans stood up for their favorite. They are sure that the haters are just jealous of how young the bright performer looks.

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