Old things that were made to last

Looking at old things that continue to work properly, it’s hard not to agree with what everyone used to do for centuries. A World War II refrigerator, a 100-year-old sewing machine, and even 1978 trousers are still in service.

1. Oxford briefcase from 1880. Used for three generations now.

2. Waffle maker 1920s.

3. Pencil sharpener, 1920.

4. Flask, 1884. In great condition.

5. Coffee grinder from Peugeot, 117 years of work without any complaints.

6. Lounger car mechanic, 80 years of stable flight.

7. Cast iron pan, used every day for 80 years!

8. Railroad, 1952, three generations of children are happy.

9. Swingline stapler, 1962, working.

10. The Waterman 52 Fountain Pen is 97 years old!

11. A Frigidaire refrigerator from World War II. Ice cubes included.

12. KitchenAid mixer, made in the 1940s, bought for 5 bucks, used almost every day for 7 years. Twice they dropped the glass bowl on the floor. Works!

13. Set of dishes Le Creuset, 1977. Great replacement for plastic bowls.

14. Persol glasses from 1989.

15. The Emerson Electric table fan recently celebrated its 70th anniversary in operation.

16. German hair dryer 1939. Works.

17. 1978 Ralph Lauren linen trousers. They wear great!

18. These flip-flops are 25 years old. And they do not care about seawater and sand.

19. Wedding gift 35 years ago NorthFace down jacket, worn to this day (two pieces)

20. A wallet that knew the great-great-grandfather of the current owner.

21. Gillette razor, the 1920s. Just make sure you change blades.

22. The Singer sewing machine has been sewing for 100 years.

23. And this stove is only 10 years younger than the sewing machine.

24. Toaster, the 1930s. Fries no worse than Bald from Brazzers.

25. Billodes pocket watch is from Istanbul, the 1880s. They tick, however.

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