Once a cat came from a walk, and there was a note on the collar

Do you agree that any secret will then become clear? So Nilo, one cat, hid her secret for many years. And the owner, of course, knew nothing about it. But then everything came out.

A young man named Hector Morales saw Nilo on the street. And he took her with him. She was still a little kitten then.

Beautiful, with fluffy fur, she was not afraid to walk alone in the fresh air. And in the evening she always came home.

Then came a period when Hector’s pet, leaving, did not return for many days.

At first, the owner was worried, hung up noticed the loss of the cat.

However, the reveler came home every time. At the same time, she behaved in the same way as before.

Morales thought his furry pet was on a spree. However, he noticed that after her long absence, she did not look exhausted. And it didn’t throw itself at a bowl of food. Hector couldn’t understand. Where does she go, where does she disappear these days?

And then one day Hector became aware of the secret of Nilo. She returned a few days later with a note attached to her collar.

So that’s the secret! Nilo lived in parallel with another family.

After reading the message, the owner learned that in the second house she was given the name Angela. Hector was shocked by this news, he felt that his beloved had betrayed him.

But a little later, having calmed down, he did not take offense at the cat any longer. And even felt gratitude to those second owners of Nilo for their care of his kitty.

When once again Nilo was about to leave Hector again, he wrote an answer to the new owners of the cat and also attached paper to the collar. He asked people to tell him their phone number and wrote his own. He also asked them to let him know when they go on vacation.

He ended the message by saying that Nilo ate tuna before leaving.

As you can see, cats, like individuals, are quite capable of living in two families at once. So the spirit of impermanence reigns in them.

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