One kilogram of wool was removed from this animal by veterinarians

It turned out to be a really adorable cat. It underwent an incredible change. An employee of the Arizona Humane Society spotted an animal but was unable to recognize it due to the amount of fur it had. She removed all of that hair, freeing the unfortunate animal. 

She gave her the name Fluffy. They published her account. 

When she was discovered on the street, experts were called right away to remove all the extra hair. It only made up 25% of her weight. Of her 3-kilogram body, 907 grams were lost. 

She shown such bravery throughout the entire, nearly one-hour-long cutting procedure. 

She lost her owner when she was 4 years old, and she is now a stray. 

Now, look at her!

Within two days, she had a new family. 

Fluffy, good luck to you!

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