One life for two: What the most famous Siamese twins Brittany and Abigail look like now

The whole world learned about the Siamese twins Abigail and Brittany Hensel. Girls were born with one body and two heads. This happens, but rarely, and in many cases ends badly, if not for both children, then for one for sure.

In the case of girls, things are much better. They were able to coordinate so well over the years that they learned to ride a bicycle, and even got a driver’s license. The sisters say they seem to read each other’s minds. And listening to them, you can say that this is the true truth. When Brittany starts a story, Abigail can easily finish it.

In general, the sisters destroyed all the stereotypes that could only be in their case. After all, they are completely independent girls. They love to travel and are proud of their independence.

Also, the Hensel twins graduated from college and now they teach at the school. Children simply adore their unusual teachers, although at first, the parents were quite skeptical about the sisters.

The only question that still remains unsolved is the girls’ personal life. Many people are very interested to know how they build their relationship with the opposite sex, but Abigail and Brittany do not respond to this and just live their lives, in which there are many joyful moments.

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