One of the 8 pups, who was left in the field, got adopted by a Hollywood star

Remy has had several trying times during his life. Fortunately, all of it is now in the past.

The Leinbel Foundation quickly intervened to preserve Malinois and his siblings since they needed extensive care. A Hollywood celebrity became the dog’s new, permanent home a few weeks later.

Taylor Lautner was Remy’s new owner. The celebrity claimed in an interview that they were first really appreciative of the suitable individuals who saved the mother and all eight of the little puppies and took care of them.

Even though they already had a dog, they made the decision to adopt one of the dogs after learning about them.

Despite having a dog called Lily already, the couple nevertheless decided to adopt another one.

They knew they had to bring this adorable puppy home as soon as they spotted him.

They regard it as their finest year ever. A true dream canine. Everything changed when this puppy joined their household.

Taylor started speaking out for shelter pups because of her, assisting them in finding their everlasting homes.

The actor also participated in a campaign where he urged people to adopt animals from shelters.

Remy is the one who was able to alter many people’s lives and instill in them a fresh sense of gratitude for their existence.

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