Only one in ten can pass this test

When math problems get tricky, most of us instinctively turn to our calculators.

However, there are some tests for which you will not need it, except perhaps a pen and a blank sheet of paper.

We present you with a quiz authored by Playbuzz user Bruce Boena. He claims that only one in ten could handle it.

So, below you will be presented with 12 questions in the form of photos and options, and at the very end, under the next number, there will be an answer. Interesting, can you do it?

Good luck!


1. 20

2. 25

3. 310,464

4. -32

5. 615,615

6. 147

7. 83,810,205

8. 333,333

9. 936

10. 10

11. 16

12. 27.85

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