Optical Illusion: Can you find the 3 bananas hidden in the picture within 15 seconds?

Optical Illusion Task: We have a fun image for you today in which you must locate the three bananas that are concealed. You have 15 seconds to find the solution to this optical illusion challenge. Find the answer to this puzzle by paying close attention to the image. The most intriguing aspect of optical illusion images is that the solution is concealed inside the image and would have been a little challenging to locate. You may put your ability to see things to the test with optical illusion tasks. There are a lot of Minions in this new Optical Illusion picture challenge, and there are also three bananas in between them. Let’s begin the task, but bear in mind that you must locate the bananas yourself, without assistance from anybody else. Only 1% of individuals can identify bananas in the picture. At first glance, you might not see any bananas in the image, but if you look closely, you’ll see them—and the solution—right in front of you.

Are you now up to the challenge? 

So let’s get going.

Your 15 seconds have now begun.

Where have you seen the bananas?

Stop! Time is up.

You are the winner of this Optical Illusion challenge, so please accept our sincere congratulations. Those of you who are still searching for the fish can discover the solution in the image below. I hope you had fun with this task.

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