Optical Illusion: Can you find the egg hidden in the image in 20 seconds?

This picture is for you if you enjoy solving difficult puzzles like Optical Illusion. Find the hidden egg in the image we’ve provided for you in under 22 seconds. If you manage to locate the egg within the allotted time, you are a genius. If not, don’t be disheartened; we will also provide the answer.

You can see several hamsters with eggs tucked away within them in the optical illusion image. In order to locate the solution in the allotted time, carefully examine the image. Before we begin, let us warn you that you have only 22 seconds to complete this task.

Because your time is about to begin, pay close attention to this image.

Your time has begun. 

Did you see the egg in the image? No?

We will also provide you with a clue if you desire one regarding this.

Hint: The Hidden Egg is located on the left side portion of the image.

Hurry quickly, you’re running out of time.

Did you see the egg?

Congratulations if the answer is yes; if not, don’t be discouraged; the answer is shown in the image below.

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