Optical Illusion: Can you find the hidden 7 objects in the picture within 20 seconds?

You must locate the seven things concealed in the new Optical Illusion challenge image, which we’ve provided for you today. Your IQ will be put to the test by this image, and you will be declared the winner if you can identify everything in 20 seconds. The ability to focus more intently and mentally sharpen yourself is greatly improved by optical illusions.

A painting of several rabbits with grass and a tree surrounding them may be seen in the optical illusion image. On top of a tree hole is a bunny. You have a limited amount of time to discover everything concealed in the image, so you must look at it very attentively. Let’s begin this mental exercise challenge.

Your twenty-second timer begins. 

Have you noticed anything specific in the image?

If you locate one, the others will undoubtedly follow.

There are only a few seconds remaining.

Your time here is up. 

Congratulations! You have won this challenge if you are able to locate everything concealed in the image. If you’re still trying to find the items, the answer is shown in the image below. I do hope you enjoyed it.

The solution to the Optical Illusion image. 

Ball – In the right between the leaves.

Fish – Fish is hiding between the leaves.

Tulip – Tulip growing upside down the tree.

Color Pencil – On the right near the branch of the tree.

Spoon – Near the Tea Trunk at the center.

Moon – The face of the half-moon is hiding between the mushrooms.

Ice cream – In the center among the leaves

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