Optical Illusion: Ewww! There is a lizard!! Not in your room, but in this picture! Can you find the hidden lizard?

Natural selection evolved lizards with the understanding that people would always remember to scan a room for a concealed one. Lizards are unsettling yet incredibly fascinating animals that can instantly make anyone shiver with fear.

I’ve got a fun task for you! Can you locate the lizard concealed in the picture in less than ten seconds? We’re back with another “Discover the hidden animal” challenge, of course! Thrilled by the challenge? You must follow the guidelines shown below.

The Rules.

The regulations are quite clear-cut and easy to understand. All you have to do is spend no more than 10 seconds searching for the lizard that is concealed in the picture. Someone must keep track of the time for this. You won’t want a lizard to climb up your hand and perch on your watch so you can check the time, after all. Your phone will come in handy at that point. On your phone, set a timer for no longer than 10 seconds. Then, as soon as the timer goes off, begin seeking the concealed lizard. As soon as the timer sounds, stop.

You are prepared to proceed now that you are informed of the rules.

Locate the lizard hiding in the picture!

Were you able to find the hidden lizard?

Well, if you couldn’t, here is the answer!

The lizard was hiding here all this time:

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