Optical Illusion: If you are a genius then find the hidden wolf from the picture in 11 seconds

Finding the answers to optical illusion puzzles can be extremely helpful for you if you wish to stretch your mind and believe that your brain should function more quickly. Every time, we create a new task for you to complete, you have a limited amount of time to locate the solution, and the person who completes the challenge first must be the one to provide the correct response.

Stunning flowers may be seen in front of some snow-covered mountains in the image we’ve provided for today’s new challenge, which shows some mountains covered in snow. You have 12 seconds to carefully examine this image and locate the wolf that is concealed inside it. You will succeed in this challenge if you locate the solution within the allotted time; else, you will fail.

Start the challenge now. 

Are you ready?

Your 11-second timer will now begin.

Be quick! The timer is running out.

Do you require a tip? Read the clue below, then.

Hint: Wolf is to the right of the picture.

Stop! The time is up for you. 

If you were able to identify the wolf in this image, you are the challenge’s winner. If you are still having trouble identifying the wolf, we have provided the answer by circling it in the image below.

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