Optical illusion IQ test: Spot the cat hidden on the tree in 5 seconds, if you can!

The brain is the physical part that matters most to us. Thus, we are still alive today. Because of this, scientists have long been studying human brains. Our understanding of the peculiar ways in which our brain works is limited. The ability to solve optical illusions is among the most challenging and pleasurable mental tasks. An optical illusion occurs when our brain alters reality to produce the desired result. Because of this, solving optical illusion puzzles is one of the most enjoyable and exciting methods to exercise your brain and your ability to observe things. Today, we’re going to put your brain to the test with a fun optical illusion quiz. Are you ready for it? Let’s begin.

You have a certain amount of time to finish the issue because this is a test. You must now attempt to locate the concealed cat in no more than five seconds. Are you ready? Your time is now, so get your eyewear, including magnifying lenses. Good luck.

Did you spot the cat? We’ll give you a little hint if you don’t. Optical Illusion Hint: The cat is hiding in the dead center of the image. Cheers to solving! The seven most expensive cat breeds in the world are listed on this page.

Have you found the cat now? The clock is ticking. Be hasty.

The countdown is about to start.

Time is passing.

Time’s up!

Were you able to solve this hidden cat optical illusion? If you were, congrats; you have excellent vision and attention to detail. Get the answer to this optical trick puzzle by scrolling down.

Optical Illusion Solution.

You have five seconds to locate the cat concealed in the tree in this optical illusion. If you were unable to pass this test, scroll below to find the cat’s hiding place.

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