Optical Illusion: Spot the hidden cat in 15 seconds

You must locate the hidden cat in today’s new optical illusion images challenge; if you succeed in doing so within the allotted time, you are a genius. Some of our chosen readers were able to solve the puzzle when we shared it with them, but most of them were unable to locate the cat. We all appreciate puzzles and challenges because they make our brains work harder and allow us to showcase our talents. In the Optical Illusion exam, a cat is concealed in the provided image, and you have just 15 seconds to discover it.

Let’s now begin this task. 

Your time starts now if you focus entirely on this picture.

Have you found the cat? No?

The cat is nowhere to be found in the image, even if you look very closely. Haven’t you seen Cat yet? We’re going to provide you with a tip about it that should be somewhat helpful.

Hint 1: The cat’s fur color blends with the color of the wood.

Hint 2: It is trying to cross from one log of wood to another.

Quick, the clock is ticking. Did you see the cat?

Congratulations if the answer is yes; if not, the solution is shown in the figure below.

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